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Tuition for medical school

Thank you for stopping by. My wife and I are both in our last semester of didactics for medical school in the Caribbean. We have exhausted all of our federal student aid for these semesters and have a tuition bill due. We are moving to Chicago to start our clinical portion of our education. Once the new fiscal year starts in February for financial aid, we will not have any financial worries, however we must complete our first clinical semester in Chicago. After that semester, we should be just fine to continue on our own. Our families come from a humble and modest lifestyle and will be unable to aid us. I am also applying for private student loans. My wife and I just want to be physicians so we can help people in the US and other countries as well. We have donated to charities in the past even though we were struggling ourselves. Any little bit will help, even if it is $1. If you are unable to donate, please send a prayer our way. Or if you know someone who can help, we would greatly appreciate it. Your donation or prayer will aid us completing our education so that we can help others. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. God bless!